Guest Speaker – Oct 1st

Christine Widdall MPAGB EFIAP FBPE


Classic in Crimson

Christine is a photographer based in Saddleworth in the North West of England. Many of her photographs are made around the lovely area of Saddleworth, especially its hills and waterways.

Christine holds the Excellence Award of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). She was awarded the MPAGB Award in April 2012 and has recently achieved the Fellowship BPS award.

Christine is a member of one of the oldest photographic societies in the UK, Oldham Photographic Society, which was founded in 1867 when photography was in its infancy. She has held most offices there over the years, including three times as President. Christine also joined Wigan 10 in 2013 and was one of the team who won the FIAP World Cup for clubs in 2013 and again in 2014.

This week’s lecture is called In My View. Christine’s website describes the talk as follows:

My original print talk is regularly updated with new images, so the title doesn’t change but the content does. It will contain a variety of subjects in colour and some monochrome work included. Clubs who have not seen my work before are recommended to start with this talk. “In my View” will feature PermaJet products and I can demonstrate different paper surfaces and discuss printing techniques. Input from the audience is welcomed.

In 2011, Christine was accepted as one of 20 Lecturers in the UK who are supported by PermaJet.

You can find more information from Christine’s website at www.