Guest Speaker – 18th Feb


Have I Got Nudes For You

Tim Pile

From Tim’s Website:

I’m an amateur photographer in the true sense of the word, producing images for the love of it, and always looking for interesting places to capture the beauty of the female form using natural light. I live in Birmingham, which is near the centre of England, but look far and wide for locations to go with my models.

I do like to share my images with others. One way of sharing my images has been to work towards a number of UK, Irish and International distinctions, through the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), Royal Photographic Society (RPS), Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) and Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP). While I am very proud of my distinctions, it’s the images that count and not the letters after my name.

My images have featured in a number of group exhibitions (salons) around the world, and have being awarded over 40 gold medals, these include The London Salon, The Trierenberg Austrian Super Circuit, FIAP World Cup best image, and possibly unique feat of being awarded two gold medals at each of two consecutive exhibitions in the prestigious Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography.

Another way of sharing my images with fellow photographers is through a talk that I give to camera clubs, and any other interested organisations, the talk is entitled “Have I Got Nudes For You” to ensure that anybody attending is in no doubt about the content of my images!

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