Monthly PDI



Open your image and on the Tool Bar click on Image and then Image size.  Make sure the resample and constrain proportion box is ticked.

Go to pixel dimension area and if image is landscape type 1400 in width box  if  the image is portrait type 1050 in the height box.  The image size will be altered in proportion to the size typed in depending on the size of your original image.  NB Square images can be no bigger than 1050 x 1050.

Assign sRGB colour profile – go to Edit menu and select convert or assign profile and follow the instructions to assign sRGB.  The file will be the same colour profile as the projector.

Lastly don’t forget to add a little sharpening as reducing photographs to a small size softens them a little.

Save your work as jpeg and under a new name.

Full illustrated instructions available here

Titling your files

Photo must be titled as follow:-

ADV_Title_Name    Example ADV_White water_Fred Blogs

(Prefix for advanced members)

INT_Title_Name       Example INT_Broken Wing_John Smith

(Prefix for intermediate & novice members)

CRE_Title_Name      Example CRE_Robo Boy_John Smith

(Prefix for all members and theme night entries)

Three on a theme competition (Handing in on 1st February 2018)

TOT_Title_Name     Example TOT_Tuscany_ John Smith

(Prefix for all members)

Each image must be submitted at the following size:

Maximum Pixel Dimensions = Horizontal Image = WIDTH – 1400 pixels

OR Vertical Image = HEIGHT – 1050 pixels

Saved as Quality = JPEG size 12


The Dicentra software uses the _ (underscore) to load the photos.

Failure to correctly add the two underscores may result in the photos not being entered.

A new online entry system will be in place soon, we will send out a newsletter when available.
In the mean time please email