Committee Members


  • President
    Stuart Ballance
    This is an Honorary post, nominated for services to the Club.  The President opens the Annual Exhibition, and distributes the Trophies on the evening. Stuart is also currently a Cheque signatory.
  • Chairman
    John Cartlidge EFIA/g
    The Chairman is responsible for opening and closing the Club Meetings, arranging a vote of thanks to Judges or Lecturers, and acting as Chair at Committee Meetings.
  • Vice Chair
    Paul Reynolds ARPS BPE5*
    The Vice Chairman is responsible for acting as Chairman in John’s absence, and to support the work of the Chairman and Committee.
  • Secretary
    Chris Cartlidge
    Responsible for all paperwork, including handling post, arranging Committee Meetings and keeping Minutes of all Meetings, and is a Cheque Signatory.
  • Treasurer
    Jann Wassell
    Responsible for collecting Membership Fees and Weekly Subscriptions, paying expenses to Judges and Lecturers, keeping the Accounts, and preparing the Balance Sheet at the end of each Financial Year on 30th April and is a Cheque Signatory.


The Committee


  • Programme Secretary
    Neil McGuff
    Arguably the most important role on the Committee. The Programme Secretary is responsible for booking the Lecturers for the Season and for compiling the varied Club Programme.
  • Print Competition Secretary
    Carl Mason EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE3*

    Responsible for collecting work from Members for the Print Competitions, and for arranging the Judges for all the Internal Competitions. Responsible for recording the scores from each Print competition, to calculate the Season’s Trophy Winners.
  • Digital Competition Secretary
    Jim Slade

    Responsible for collecting work from Members for the Digital Competitions, and for recording the scores from each Digital competition, to calculate the Season’s Trophy Winners.
  • External Competition Secretary
    Jann Wassall & Rachael Cobb

    The External Exhibition Secretaries are responsible for collecting work from Members to enter in External Exhibitions or Club Competitions, and for completing any paperwork associated with these External Competitions.
  • Annual Exhibition Secretaries
    Mike Pearce & Chris Eley

    Responsible for collecting work from Members to enter the Club’s Annual Exhibition, and for arranging the Judging.  Responsible for organising the Exhibition Opening Night, including the Trophies and Certificates.
  • Practical Group Secretary
    Jann Wassell
    Responsible for organising the separate Practical Group workshops, usually on a Monday evening, as a forum for improving members’ work.
  • Equipment Officer
    John Spriggs
    Responsible for ensuring Club equipment is set up and put away on meeting nights, and for reporting any problems with equipment to the Committee.
  • Social Secretaries
    Margaret & Roy Brookes
    Responsible for organising Social Events,  which can include Meals Out, Day Trips,  Weekend Trips etc., and Suggestions are welcomed from any member.  The Social activities are the avenue for Members to get to know each other better, and to enhance the friendship element of membership.
  • Press Secretary
    John Spriggs
    Responsible for contacting local press etc regarding publicity for any Club event, or Recruitment activity.
  • Newsletter Editors
    Rob Albutt
     Responsible for Producing the Club Newsletter, which is currently issued approximately 4 times per year. Articles are always welcome and encouraged from any member.
  • Webmaster
    David Byrne EFIAP  DPAGB  BPE3*

    Responsible for the Club Website – keeping up to date with news, photographs, events etc.
  • Assistant Treasurer
    Rachael Cobb


Hosts / Ordinary Members / Buddies


  • Margaret Peters
  • Vi Meredith
  • Rachel Cobb
  • Carole Mathews
  • Reg Mathews

As Hosts, they are responsible for meeting and greeting any new members on club nights, to ensure everyone gets a friendly welcome. The “Buddies” system is an avenue where members can ask for assistance with technical enquiries, or they can go on photographic trips/ days out together.


MCPF Representatives


  • David Evans
  • Carl Mason
  • Carole Mathews
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