Thursdays Meeting Cancelled


The dual carriageway between the traffic lights at Walsall Road and Queens Square island is to be closed for resurfacing from Monday 20th March for 4 nights (7pm to 6am)

This means that it will be difficult to access the club room venue, and therefore, the committee have decided to CANCEL the meeting on THURSDAY 23RD MARCH.

There will still be 5 PDI Comps this season. The Four Corners Challenge which was to be held on Thursday 18th May 2017 is not going ahead this year, so the committee have agreed to move the AGM from 11th May to 18th May 2017. The missing PDI comp will therefore be held on Thursday 11th May 2017, with handing in on 4th May. Please amend your Programme.

The committee hope that you understand why we have taken the decision to cancel next Thursday’s meeting, and do not turn up.

If you have already worked on your PDI images for next week’s comp, or you have any other work that you would like us to look at, will you please send them by Monday 20th March to as the club needs to select our entry for the MCPF Knockout at Leicester and we need the work to help us to qualify for the PAGB PDI Finals at Warwick.

We also need to select Prints for the team at Leicester even though we have already qualified for the PAGB Print Finals, so if you have any that we can look at, please again can you send us a digital copy of the image through (marking it as a Print) before Monday and we can get in touch if we need to collect the actual print.

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