Photofolio Success for Cannock

Cannock gained 3 awards in the latest MCPF competition with Carole Mathews winning a Highly Commended with here photo entitled ‘Autumn’s Birches’ and 3 acceptances. David Byrne gained two HC’s for ‘Grit and Mud’ and ‘Riding his Luck’ and a total of 4 acceptances.

Altogether Cannock PS received 23 acceptances, 7 in Colour Prints, 6 in Mono Prints and 10 in DPI, provided by the following members:

Peter Clark, Carl Mason, Reg Mathews, Mike Pearce, David Ray, Paul Reynolds, Guy Rogers, John Cartlidge, David Byrne, Carole Mathews, Jim Slade, Carl Mason and Paul Hassell.

Paul Reynolds, Carole Mathews and David Byrne also had some of their images retained for the travelling portfolio.

Full details and scores are available here

Carole Mathews HC awarded ‘Autumn’s Birches’


‘Grit & Mud’ awarded a HC for David Byrne


‘Riding his Luck’ winning David Byrne a HC


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