Photofolio Results

Here are the results from our Photofolio 2015 entry. out of 60 images we received 38 acceptances, 6 Certificates of merit and best of all Peter Clark was awarded Best PDI image for ‘Rising Mist Yosemite Valley’.

Well done to everyone, especially Peter Clark continuing his recent run of results!


The list of Acceptance winners are as follows:-

  • Peter Clark 1 Acceptance and Best PDI
  • David Byrne 7 acceptances and 2 Certificates of Merits
  • Paul Hassell 7 Acceptances
  • John Cartlidge 5 acceptances
  • Mark Davies 4 Acceptances and 2 Certificates of Merits
  • Paul Reynolds 4 acceptances and 2 Certificates of Merits
  • Guy Rogers 3 Acceptances
  • Richard Moorse 2 Acceptances
  • Mike Pearce 2 Acceptances
  • Paul Sutton 1 Acceptance
  • Carl Mason 1 Acceptance
  • Steve Clifford 1 Acceptance
  • Lloyd Scott 1 Acceptance

A full list of scores is available on the spread sheet below

Well done to all those who took part.

CPS Photofolio 2015 Results

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