1. Great job done yesterday by all.
    Reg & Carole worked hard sorting the paper work out and made sure all that was spot on and Jann sorted the tickets etc so that a dozen of us were in the audience to see how well we performed and how well we did perform.David got our top mark, well you cannot get better than a 15.Other members work was also marked high with a number of 14 and 13’s and no image let us down so the selection team did a brilliant job.
    We went to Warwick hoping to get into the last 8 and we did even better by finishing in =5th place just 1 mark away from picking up a medal for 4th.This all means that we do not have to qualify at the MCPF Knockout next year as being in the top 8 automatically gets you into the next year’s finals.
    So the pressure is on you the members to get out and take loads of top quality images.

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