Fotogen Small Print Circuit

Peter Clark FRPS EFIAP/p APSA EPSA had a great result at Fotogen with 5 HM’s! David Byrne also gained an HM for his photo ‘Riding his Luck’ both receiving a total of 14 acceptances.

‘Storm over Glencoe’ by Peter Clark winning a HM

‘Racetrack Furrows’ by Peter Clark winning a HM

‘Tangle Creek’ by Peter Clark winning a HM

‘Winter Solitude’ by Peter Clark winning a HM

‘Storm Light’ by Peter Clark winning a HM

CPS in Argentina

David Byrne has flown the CPS flag in two FIAP run salons in Argentina winning a FIAP Ribbon for his image ‘Cross Road’, a salon ribbon for ‘Wind Torn’ and a Judges Mention for ‘Riding his Luck’, all together gaining 11 acceptances.

‘Cross Road’ winning David Byrne a FIAP Ribbon 

A Ribbon was awarded to ‘Wind Torn’  by David Byrne

Cannock Success at Leicester MCPF Champs

Cannock have got through to the finals in the Digital and Print sections of the PAGB Championships this year. Its been a long time since we have been at the finals but some excellent entries from our members earned us a hard fought 2nd and 3rd place in the regional knockouts to gain that coverted spot.

Personal awards were awarded to David Byrne with his image ‘Riding his Luck’ for best DPI, this is the first time Cannock has won this award and Bob Moore awarded his Judges Medal for PDI to Paul Reynolds ARPS BPE3* for his image ‘Streetwise’.

David Byrne’s ‘Riding his Luck’ won best DPI image

Paul Reynolds ARPS BPE3* awarded Bob Moore’s Judges Medal for ‘Streetwise’