S4C 2012 International Exhibition of Photography

Results are coming in thick and fast at the moments David Byrne has won a PSA Gold Medal Best of Show in the Photojournalist Section for ‘Riding his Luck‘, and a PSA HM for ‘Approaching Tide‘ in the Open Colour Section along with with a total of 9 acceptances.

Peter Clark also won 2 PSA HM’s in the Small Mono Prints section with ‘Great Sand Dunes Colorado‘ and ‘White Pocket Landscape‘ with a total of 9 acceptances.



‘Riding his Luck’ awarded a PSA Gold Medal for David Byrne


‘Great Sand Dunes Colorado’ earning Peter a PSA HM


‘White Pocket Landscape’ winning a PSA HM for Peter


‘Approaching Tide’ winning a PSA HM for David Byrne

Double PSA Medal Success in Spain

David Byrne has won 2 medals in Spain in the ’3° Spanish Andorran Circuit’ both for the picture ‘Wind Torn’. In the 1° Medellinn salon it won a Silver PSA Medal and in the 7° Illes Balears salon a Bronze PSA Medal, altogether he had 15 acceptances in the circuit.

Peter Clark also gained an impressive 14 acceptances making the total for CPS 29!



‘Wind Torn’ achieved a PSA Silver and Bronze Medal for David Byrne in the Spanish Andorran Circuit.

International Garden Photographer of the Year

 The above International Exhibition is the worlds premier competition and exhibition specialising in garden, plant flower and botanical photography run in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and is currently on display at the Jackfield Tile Museum in the Iron Bridge Gorge (14th July to the 1 September 2012).  It has some really good images and is well worth visiting.  
Admission is Free.

Club Trip

Hi folks, we are suggesting a visit to the Jaguar Heritage Museum in Coventry on Sunday July 29th. This is the last Sunday the museum will be open ever, as it is closing at the end of August. Admission is free and photography is allowed. There is a selection of the 120 vehicles in the collection on show, so if you are interested please let us know by the weekend.
Roy & Margaret

2012 North Georgia Print Circuit (NORGA)

Peter Clark has received an amazing 9 HM’s! in the PSA North Georgia Print Circuit, and a total of 30 acceptances.

15 acceptances in Mono with 5 HM’s

  • Racetrack Intersection – 2 x HM
  • Boat Houses Lindisfarne – HM
  • White Pocket Pine – HM
  • Tangle Creek in Winter – HM

15 acceptances in Colour with 4 HM’s for …

  • Bison in Thermal Area – HM
  • Winter Solitude – 2 x HM
  • Yellowstone in Winter – HM