Monochrome Exhibition

As someone who may be interested in photography, we would like to invite you and anyone you know who might also be interested, to our exhibition….

WHERE: B1, 50 Summer Hill Road, Birmingham, B1 3RB

WHEN: Saturday 13th to Wednesday 17th May 2017, open daily from 10am to 3pm

WHAT: The Monochrome format simplifies and strengthens our photographs. We draw attention to what caught our eye. We highlight patterns of light and shadow, or use light falling across a surface to emphasise grainy textures. An effective monochrome is reliant on its composition. A careful arrangement of shapes, lines, textures and patterns can transform your photograph.

We always encourage submissions from all over the world but the high quality work produced here in Britain stood out, and we chose more work by British photographers than we did with some of our other recent exhibition themes.

COST: Entry is free – no tickets required

WHO: Anyone who you think may enjoy a photographic exhibition!


(Please note that dates may be subject to change. We advise you to check our website for the latest information prior to attendance. Only a selection of photographs from the exhibition will be shown in each gallery. As such, not every photograph will be guaranteed to feature in each location along the tour. Please contact us for more information. Disabled visitors are advised to check with us, before visiting an exhibition, that suitable access can be provided).

We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition.

Many thanks

Wendy Price
Marketing Administrator

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