2nd Round

Advanced Open DPI



PADDY RUSKE Date 17/12/2015
 David Byrne Fford Sunlight H 2
Paul Sutton Turnstone H C
Peter Clark Kirkjufellsfoss in Winter
J Cartlidge Mamouth-Spring-Winter
Paul Sutton Duel in the dust H HC
Jim Slade Puffin
David Ray Eider in First Light
Guy Rogers Hovering Kestrel ( Wild ) H
Paul Reynolds Crosses at Sunset
Graham Orgill Bye gone Times H C
Jim Slade I don’t give a hoot who you are
 David Ray Goldfinch in Snow H
Graham Orgill Junior Rutt
Guy Rogers Mist in the valley at Church Stretton H HC
Peter Clark Aurora at Budir H HC
Paul Reynolds The Look H 1
J Cartlidge Roof-Lines
Lloyd Scott All on the roll of a dice H HC
Stephen Clifford End of the Day H HC
Lloyd Scott Just One More Drink H 3
 David Byrne Walking the Herd H
Stephen Clifford 533 at the water splash


Intermediate Open




PADDY RUSKE Date 17/12/2015
Corinne Turner 3-Fire Stag
Corinne Turner 4-Red Squirrel with blackberry H HC
Steve-Moore 5-City Lights H C
Bob Cooper 6-The Hub
Richard Moorse 6-Victorious Dude H 2
JannWassell 8-Fredau H 1
Ian Rickuss 9-Breakfast at Tiffanys
Karen Townsend 10-Wielding the Orb H 3
Karen Townsend 11-Finders Keepers
JannWassell 12-Katie H C
Richard Moorse 14-Camel Herder
Steve-Moore 15-Sleepy Kiss H HC
Ian Rickuss 16-Size matters
Bob Cooper Look  into my eyes H C



Creative Open



PADDY RUSKE Date 17/12/2015
Steve-Moore Antique scooter H HC
Jann Wassell Vellodrome H 1
J Cartlidge Tyre-Change
J Cartlidge Red-Rocks H C
Paul Sutton Common Blue damsel With afid Magnified H 3
Paul Sutton Flamingo frensy
Ian Rickuss Golden sun H C
Lloyd Scott The Sorcerer H 2
Jann Wassell Woman on the moon – keeper of animals
Ian Rickuss Nightmare Christmas