1st Round

Advanced Open DPI


Trevor Bell Date 5/11/15
Peter Clark Auroral Display H HC
Paul Reynolds Blaven Cottage
Matthew Gomery Gloucester Cathedral
Chris Cartlidge Gallery-Viewer
John Cartlidge Chiumbo
Paul Sutton Alley Cat H HC
Matthew Gomery Arches
John Cartlidge Butchers-Shop H HC
Lloyd Scott Contemplation
PaulHass London Bridge Never Sleeps
PaulHass Gypsy Boy
Jim Slade Autumn Harvest Mouse
Graham Orgill Dahlia delight H C
Matthew Gomery Through The Tunnel
Stephen Clifford Freestyle Kayaker
Jim Slade Aerial Ballet Puffin in flight
David Byrne Long Walk Home H 1
Guy Rogers Landing Jay H C
Guy Rogers Misty morning in Hope Valley H 2
Stephen Clifford Land Girl
Matthew Gomery Reflection
Lloyd Scott One for the road H 3
Chris Cartlidge Gold-Amongst-The-Green
Paul Sutton The Fireman
Paul Reynolds Pause for Thought
David Byrne The Poacher H HC
Peter Clark Wild Lupins Iceland
Guy Rogers Kilchurn castle reflection in Loch Awe
Guy Rogers Waterfall below Devils Kitchen
Graham Orgill Resting place


Intermediate Open


Trevor Bell Date 5/11/15
Steve-Moore Cannock Chase Autumn Evenisng Sun
Corinne Turner White tailed eagle H 3
Steve-Moore Day Boat Hire
Phil Wolstenholme Arboretum H C
Corinne Turner Red Squirrel
Neil-McGuff Ploughing-On
Richard Moorse Barn Owl H HC
Richard Moorse Up And Over H C
Neil-McGuff Mono-Planes
Jann Wassell Ayla H 1
Ian Rickuss Highlander
Karen Townsend Wielding the Orb
Jann Wassell Freya H 2
Bob Cooper Printer at work
andy-marlow railway-man
Ian Rickuss A stitch in time
andy-marlow seedlings
D Ray Bluebell
Phil Wolstenholme Torii Gates
Bob Cooper Final attack
D Ray Mill Stones in Snow
Karen Townsend Ready for Take Off


Creative Open


Trevor Bell Date 5/11/15
Karen Townsend Chasing the Light
John Cartlidge A-Town-To-Tough
John Cartlidge Demon Racer
Lloyd Scott The Time Traveller H 1
Jann Wassell Woman on the moon – keeper of animals
Jann Wassell Lady in Pink H HC
Paul Sutton  Piper at gates of dawn
Lloyd Scott Run H 3
Neil-McGuff Sunflower-art H 2
Neil-McGuff Sunrise-Strip
Steve-Moore Dolls House
Ian Rickuss Skittles H C
Paul Sutton feed-me-a-fishes-eye-veiw
Steve-Moore Chipmonk Rockband