1st Round

Advanced Open DPI

1st Place
Approaching Storm
David Byrne

1st David Byrne After-the-Storm


2nd Place
Barn Owl
Mike Pearce

2nd Barn Owl - Mike Pearce


3rd Place
David Byrne

3rd David Byrne - Respite


Highly Commended

Peter Clark – Castles and Spires
Mike Pearce – Sea King
Jim Slade – Speckled Wood

HC Peter-Clark-Castles-and-Spires-Bryce-Advanced-Open HC sea-king-Mike_Pearce HC Jim Slade Speckled Wood


Creative DPI

1st Place
Neil Mcguff

1st Splash - Neil Mcguff


2nd Place
Spanish Rider
Mike Pearce

2nd Spanish Rider - Mike Pearce

3rd Place
Stone Figures
Steve Moore

Stone Figures - Steve Moore


Highly Commended

Guinness – Steve Moore
Light Fun – Chris Eley
Paul-Sutton – Penkridge Church

Guinness - Steve Moore HC Light Fun - Chris Eley HC Paul-Sutton - Penkridge Church


Intermediate Open DPI

1st Place
Penmon Sunset
Pat Allen

1st Penmon Sunset - Pat Allen


2nd Place
Jann Wassell

2nd Llly - Jann-Wassell


3rd Place
Steve Clifford
After the Rain

3rd Steve Clifford - After the rain - Intermediate


Highly Commended

Carla – Jann Wassell
Richard Moorse Blue – Tit Landing
Approaching Rain – Neil McGuff

HC Carla-Jann-Wassell-Intermediate HC Richard Moorse Blue-Tit-Landing HC Approaching_rain_-_Neil_McGuff