Season 2012-2013

Midphot Acceptances and Awards

Section Name Title Score Award
Colour Print David Byrne Game Over 14 Comm
David Byrne Why am I doing this? 14
David Byrne Arab Children 12
Colour Print Paul Hassell No. 37 12
Colour Print Carl Mason Run Away 14 Best Colour
Carl Mason New Horizon 13 Commended
Carl Mason The Straw Collectors 13
Carl Mason Where can he be? 12
Carl Mason Ferry to the Isle of the Dead 12
Mono Print David Byrne Nature’s Struggle 13 Highly Comm
David Byrne Just Good Friends 12
David Byrne The Look Out 13
David Byrne Just Two Houses 12
David Byrne Wind Torn 12
Mono Print Paul Hassell The Last Shift 13
Mono Print Carl Mason Still Closed 12
Nature PDI David Ray Nut Hatch 13 Highly Comm
David Ray Coot on the Run 12
General PDI Reg Mathews Whitby Sunset 11
Reg Mathews Forgotten 12
General PDI Carole Mathews Malham Tree 12
Carole Mathews Toasting the Lunch 11
General PDI Carl Mason Engineer 11
Carl Mason Is this our train Dad? 12
Carl Mason Ladies in Waiting 12
Carl Mason Lets go back 12
Carl Mason Red Kite 11
General PDI David Byrne St Mary’s Lighthouse 11
David Byrne Hanging in there 12
David Byrne Winter Wash 11
David Byrne Power Through 11
David Byrne Malham Cove 12
David Byrne Camel Trader 11
General PDI John Cartlidge Rainy Day Rider 11
General PDI Paul Reynolds Bright Eyes 14 Bob Moore Medal
Paul Reynolds The Look 13 Paul Keene Medal
Paul Reynolds Nigel 13 Commended
Paul Reynolds Her and Him Indoors 12
Paul Reynolds Mekong Market Men 12
General PDI Neil McGuff Your Move 12
Neil McGuff Gratitude 2 11
Panel Paul Reynolds Canal Walkers 12
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