MCPF Champs


2012 Print Championship and DPI (Digital Projected Image) Championship

General Rules

  1. The championships are open to all member clubs of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation.
  2. Photographers may support one nominated club of which they are a bona fide member, in either championship
  3. NB Clubs are asked to pay particular attention when any using the prints/digital files of a member known to have been, or who is still a member of another club that has participated in the PAGB Print/Slide Club Championships.
    The two highest placed eligible clubs in each section will be invited to represent the Federation in the relevant PAGB Print/PDI Championship.
  4. In the event of a tie the club with the greatest number of highly marked prints/digital files will take the highest placing.
  5. Any print used in the PAGB club print championship or a digital file used in the PAGB club PDI championship is ineligible. Prints and PDI’s that have gained awards in previous championships are also ineligible.
  6. The MCPF cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss to any entry.
  7. No entry may be removed without the consent of the organisers. The Federation reserves the right to withhold from public view any print/digital file, which in their opinion they consider to be offensive.
  8. Each championship will consist of two rounds. Clubs may enter either one or both competitions. Each club to enter 15 prints and or digital files in the first round of each competition, with not more than 3 prints/digital files from any one author in each section and not more than 4 nature prints/digital files in each section.
  9. Entries will be mixed and 3 judges will score in the range 2 to 5.
  10. The clubs in the first eight positions in round one will proceed to round two, in which each club will enter:
    10 prints/digital files, 5 of which may have been used in the first round with no more than 2 prints/digital files from any one author and not more than 2 nature prints/digital files. The points from each of the two rounds will be added together to decide the final placing. The first round of the DPI championship will be followed by the first round of the prints with the final two rounds will follow after lunch.


  1. Prints must be correctly titled, and include photographer’s name and club. Nature prints must be marked ‘NATURE’. Print mount size must not exceed 40 x 50 x 4mm
  2. In round one of the print championships there must be at least a minimum of 5 monochrome and 5 colour prints with the balance made up of either. The entry can contain a maximum of 4 nature prints, with not more than three prints from any one author.
  3. In round two of the print championship there must be at least 4 monochrome and 4 colour prints with the balance made up of either, 5 of which may have been used in the first round. A maximum of 2 nature prints may be used and no more than two prints from any one author.
  4. For this championship only, the FIAP definition of Black & White shall apply. Only un-toned or fully toned shall be considered to be monochrome. Partial toning or the addition of colour shall render the work Colour.


DPI (Digital Projected Image)

  1. Clubs are required to submit their image bank consisting of up to 40 files in the form of jpg with a file size of 1400×1050 on a CD by the date shown on the entry sheet. (1024×768 files can be submitted but they will project smaller) (No entries can be accepted after this date)
  2. The complete list of files that form the image bank, showing which files are to be used in the first round, must also be submitted at the same time.
  3. Nature Images are restricted to a maximum of FOUR in Round 1 and TWO in Round 2
  4. Clubs must be willing to allow the higher marked prints and PDI’s to be considered for use by the Federation in the PAGB Inter Federation Championships.
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