Prints Exhibition

  • Best Colour Print
    The Jack & Bea Aulton Trophy
    M Pearce
  • Best Monochrome Print
    The Paul Gomery Trophy (shield)
    P. Clark FRPS EFIAP/p
  • Best Portrait or Figure Study Colour or Mono
    The Dixon Memorial Trophy (Cup)
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • Nature Print
    the CPS Nature print Trophy (shield)
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • 10 Mile Radius of Cannock
    The Horst Niggemeier Trophy (Shield)
    C. Mathews

Projected Images Exhibition

  • Best Image General Advanced
    The J.M Sunley Trophy (shield)
    M Pearce
  • Best Nature Projected
    The C.P.S Nature Trophy (Shield)
    M Pearce
  • Best Portrait Projected
    The Fred Walton Shield
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • Best Creative Projected
    The C.P.S Creative Trophy (shield)

Three on a Theme

  • Prints
    C.P.S Shield
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • Projected
    Ron & Lei Darby Trophy (shield)
    P.Reynolds ARPS

Yearly competition prints

  • Best Mono Advanced
    Jack Holston Monochrome print (Shield)
    P clark FRPS EFIAP/p
  • Best Colour Advanced
    C.P.S Advanced Colour Print Trophy (shield)
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • Best Colour Intermediate
    C.O. Hughes Pop Memorial Salver (plate)
    P Sutton
  • Best Mono Intermediate
    The Arjay Trophy (shield)
    N McGuff

Yearly Competition Projected Digital

  • Best General Projected Digital Advanced
    P.Reynolds ARPS
  • Best General Intermediate Projected Digital
    R. Mathews
  • Best Creative Projected Digital
    M Pearce

C.P.S The Ron Payne Award Club Member Of The Year (Glass Cup)

  • N. McGuff


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